Do you write sexy contemporary or historical romance? Do you want to know more about what we’re looking for at Jack’s House Publishing? Our publisher, Marie Force, a New York Times bestselling author in her own right, has laid it all out in a new Q&A that demystifies the submission and acquisition process. Read Marie’s Q&A here. 

Call for Submissions

Have you written a contemporary or historical romance series that hasn’t performed quite the way you’d hoped it would?

If so, Jack’s House Publishing would like to hear from you! We’re building our series portfolio and looking for already-written series that could use a boost from a company that understands the marketing and publishing challenges romance authors face today! As Jack’s House publisher, I’ve been there and done that with five successful series. I’d love to put my know-how as well as my ACE marketing and publicity team, to work for you to help your series find new readers! Among other things, our package includes everything from rigorous editing to cover design to dynamic blurbs to Facebook ads to a publicist assigned to each release to my full support and endorsement of every title we publish.

We are currently retooling a 10-book historical series written by Dayna Quince and will be releasing the books later this year with a fresh new plan of attack!

If you are interested in what we have to offer, query us at

We’re Looking for the Next Great Contemporary Romance Novel!

Have you written a book that absolutely rocks? Is it edgy and sexy and provocative? If so, we want to be your publisher! Marie Force has built an eight-figure business mostly through independent publishing. With more than 40 indie-published books to her name, Marie knows how to elevate your book from obscurity to visibility. After seven years of running the Formatting Fairies business, Marie and her team are ready to work for you. Would you like to skip over the hurdles of discoverability that all new authors face? Would you rather write than deal with figuring out how to format for all the major retailers? Would you like to have one of today’s top contemporary romance authors personally endorse your book? Would you like to be mentored every step of the way, from developing your website and social media presence to choosing your cover to setting your price? If so, we want to hear from you.


  • Finished books that are at least 50,000 words in length. We encourage you to submit your very best work to better your chances of making the cut. The more polished your book is, the more interested we will be. We ask for ONE book per author at this time. You can submit a second book after you’ve heard from us about the first one. Legal names will be required for submission. The book you submit can be previously self-published, but it MUST be finished at the time of submission. No works in progress please. If you are submitting a series for consideration, please send us book 1 and not another book in the series.
  • The book needs to grab us by the throat and not let go until the very last page. We want to be captivated, taken away, sucked into an amazing story that we can put our full support behind. That said, we’re looking for fresh ideas. So if you write new adult romances, for example, we’re looking for characters who aren’t necessarily traumatized by their violent past. Seen that. Read that. Looking for something new and exciting or we’d love a whole new angle on the violent past, something we haven’t already read. Be fresh and original to improve your chances of acceptance.
  • Series potential is excellent but not required. We are interested in book 1 of a series only.
  • Contemporary romances—they can be straight contemporary, erotic, new adult or suspense. They must be sexy with actual sex scenes. The hotter the better! No “sweet” romances or closed bedroom doors. We are also looking for erotic historical romances. Sorry, but we are not interested in any other romance genres at this time, nor are we currently accepting M/M or ménage romance.
  • An author who is looking to make a career of her (or his) writing and projects a professional demeanor online and offline.
  • An author who is willing and able to take creative advice and criticism without being offended or hurt.
  • An author who wants this career so badly they’re willing to work as hard as it takes to make it happen. 

Does this describe you? If so, we want to read your book!

“My book was acquired by Jack’s House, which I found thrilling in and of itself. Marie Force told me she loved my book—Marie frickin’ Force! And then we talked about how to make it better. Marie was involved in editing the whole book, and also Book 2 in the series. We’ve already talked in detail about Book 3. She’s so busy, but she’s given me so much time and attention. We discuss what works, what doesn’t and every step of the way, she offers me advice and incredible mentorship about writing. Now, I’m very confident about my writing, but she’s helped me see ways I could be so much better. I didn’t think that was possible (because I have a pretty significant ego, lol) but Marie has shown me by example, and in a way that I could take it in—and wow, has her advice made all the difference in my work. I love Marie’s books—they always satisfy, and it’s so easy and wonderful to get lost in her stories. To get intense, hands-on help from an author I admire so much continues to be an amazing gift. Working with Marie has been the best professional decision of my career, hands-down!” —Leigh James, Jack’s House author of the Silicon Valley Billionaires Series, LAUREN, GABE and HANNAH

“Jack’s House has been great to work with. Marie and her team are thorough, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and, as a bonus, fun to work with. They also get results. I went from selling maybe one copy of my book every few months to a huge launch week with thousands of sales and steady sales since then. The improved reach on social media has also been great. I gained a bunch of followers on Facebook and Twitter. My mailing list went from low double digits to several hundred subscribers, and I’m still getting steady sign-ups weeks later. Working with Jack’s House has been great, and I definitely recommend them for any romance authors looking for a career boost.” —Eliza Walker, A Midsummer Night’s Fling, Jack’s House Debut Author


  • Professional editing
  • Professional proofreading
  • Professional cover design
  • Professional formatting for ebook and print
  • Professional publicity and marketing support, including paid advertising, in consultation with New York Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely
  • The benefit of Marie’s relationships with the major retailers
  • Mentorship from a 20-time New York Times bestselling contemporary author
  • Marie’s endorsement of your book to her readers, through her vast social media platforms as well as her newsletter
  • Advice and consultation on your website, social media and newsletter
  • Your ebooks on sale at Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo and GooglePlay and in print at CreateSpace and Ingram Spark.


  • Fifty percent of net receipts in ebook and print. What does this mean? Using Amazon as an example, if we price your book at $3.99, the “net” receipt (70 percent of the retail price that we receive from the retailer) is $2.74. You would get 50 percent of that, or $1.37 per sale, while we would get the other 50 percent. Your royalties are based on the money we actually receive from the retailer.
  • Rights to the ebook and print versions for two years, after which time the rights revert to the author along with the edited version and the covers.
  • Your commitment to a professional approach to your career and your writing. We’re looking for a PRO not a diva.

Submissions of FOUR CHAPTERS will be accepted only through our website at No submissions via email or U.S. mail. We ask that you not contact Marie or any member of her team outside the submission process. You will receive notification that your manuscript has been received, and you will be notified if we’d like to read more. You will be notified if your manuscript has been chosen for acquisition. You will be notified if we have chosen to pass on your submission. Our team of readers will narrow the submissions to finalists. Marie will not be personally involved in the vetting of submissions because she has her own books to write, but she will make the final choices based on recommendations from her team.

Once a book is acquired, we will move forward with editing and production as well as a marketing plan to get your book on sale as soon as the book—and the author—are ready for release. You get paid when we get paid. If your book is released in June, for example, you will be paid on or around the first of September.

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