Our Contract

• We ask for the ebook and print rights for two years from the date of signing.
• We do not require an option on your next book unless you’d like us to consider it. Each book is considered on it’s OWN merits.
• We do not require a noncompete clause, meaning you can continue to self or traditionally publish while under contract to us.
• At the end of your two-year commitment, you may extend the contract or terminate and we may offer to extend or terminate.
• If you choose to leave, we will hand you the edited manuscript and the cover that was designed for your book—you will have to secure image rights independently to continue using the cover art.
• The copyright is yours, never ours, and we will provide information on how and when to register the copyright with the Library of Congress.
• You get paid when we get paid. 
• We provide actual accounting, broken down by retailer so you know where your sales were made.
• We require each author to sign a five-year nondisclosure agreement that prohibits our authors from discussing strategy and other in-house proprietary information.
• We want to help you find your readers, and as such, we have a designed an author-friendly program that we hope will benefit all of us. We look forward to hearing from you!