Lustful Lords Series by Sorcha Mowbray

"You need to read this fantastic Lustful Lords series by Sorcha Mowbray STAT!" —Bookgasms Book Blog

“The tone of the book is erotic from the outset, and it’s a fun, sexy read. In many ways it’s an historical rom-com which includes elements of BDSM and some suspense. There’s no doubt I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, and I expect it will steam up my ereader in quite the same delicious fashion. ” —5 star review of HIS HAND-ME-DOWN COUNTESS by V’s Reads

“The sexual exploits of the LL are indeed legendary and The Market description had me jumping over to Amazon to check out the other stories.” —five star review of TAMING HIS HELLION COUNTESS by The Romance Reads

"Seriously, I love this genre so much and the Lustful Lords Series has quickly become one of my favorites. Taming His Hellion Countess was beyond scrumptious, so it should come to no surprise that His Scandalous Viscountess is a wet dream of massive proportions." —Suey Library