• Finished books that are at least 50,000 words in length. We encourage you to submit your very best work to better your chances of making the cut. The more polished your book is, the more interested we will be. You can submit a second book after you hear from us about the first one. Legal names will be required for submission. The book you submit can be previously self-published, but it MUST be finished at the time of submission. No works in progress please. We are not interested in M/M romance or ménage romance.
  • The book needs to grab us by the throat and not let go until the very last page. We want to be captivated, taken away, sucked into an amazing story that we can put our full support behind. That said, we’re looking for fresh ideas. So if you write new adult romances, for example, we’re looking for characters who aren’t necessarily traumatized by their violent past. Seen that. Read that. We’re looking for something new and exciting or we’d love a whole new angle on the violent past, something we haven’t already read. Be fresh and original to improve your chances of acceptance.
  • Series potential is excellent but not required. If you are submitting a series, please send book 1 only.
  • Contemporary romances—they can be straight contemporary, erotic, new adult or suspense. We are also looking for erotic historical romances, set in the Regency or Victorian time periods, or erotic Scottish historical romances. Sorry, but we are not interested in any other romance genres at this time.
  • Submit the FIRST FOUR chapters of your book. No other samples will be accepted.
  • Please wait to hear the outcome of one submission before you submit another book.


Following the directions will vastly improve your chances of being considered!

The submission button at the bottom of the page is conditional upon filling out the form correctly. Please take another look to make sure you’ve got everything loaded correctly before you contact us. If you submit your book and don’t get an acknowledgement, your submission was NOT received. Please contact us at info@jackshousepublishing.com if you submit and do not receive an acknowledgement.


Contact info@jackshousepublishing.com